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On December 3, 2019, in collaboration with UNICEF Afghanistan, Afghanistan Photographers Association (APA) organized the Convention on the Rights of the Child – Photo Exhibition at Queen Palace, Bagh-e Babur, Kabul.

Attended by 80 officials, photographers, artists, journalists, and students, the CRC — Photo Exhibition aimed to use photography to bring awareness to Afghan children, families and communities about the rights of children based on the Convention on the rights of the child, show the Afghan children way of living, the improvements brought in livelihood Afghan children, and the hope for further improvements.

APA used its photography competition announcement as a first platform to reach to a large audience across Afghanistan through social media platform and billboards installation across Kabul. For the competition, there were two categories: camera category and mobile category. From August 10 to October 4, APA received a total of 92 submissions from which 68 submissions were on the camera category and 24 on mobile category. From all 92 submissions, 30 images were selected to be exhibited during this exhibition from which six winners were awarded – three in the camera category and three in the mobile category. Moreover, the competition was judged by five national and international jury which included a 12 years old emerging photographer, Elaha Muzahir.

Following its first opening at Queen Palace, Bagh-e Babur the CRC — Photo Exhibition will be display next week at the Afghanistan Centre at Kabul University.

Note: Protected by Afghanistan Photographers Association, these photos are not for commercial use. However, for personal use, you may use the photo[s] with the official mark without any changes/crop/alteration.



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