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Najiba Noori

In 1994, Najiba Noori, a family member of an Afghan refugee family in Iran, was very keen on artistic work and completed his elementary education in Iran, and afterwards, due to the difficult living conditions and severe immigration problems in Iran, In 2004, they left Iran for the determination of their country.

In the course of high school in 2012, Najiba created with a number of Bamiyan cultors a group called “Horizon”, which focuses mostly on cultural and artistic activities such as photography, photography, and the like. He has also been active in the media, television, radio and magazines as a reporter and photographer. Najiba has spent several courses in video and photo sessions, including a medium-sized photography course under Professor Farzaneh Wahidi. Najibou Noori is currently a freelance photographer and documentary maker in Bamyan Province.


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