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Millad Ahmadi

Millad Hamidi

Milad Hamidi was born in 1995 in Nangarhar province. In the year 2000, his elementary education at the experimental school was started in 2012, and he was studying for the problems of economics that he did not achieve high school education.

Milad (2013) started its first job in a military unit as a computer. The jubilation of enthusiasm and interest in the field of journalism was first held by the Abar Institute in 2013 (2013) for Six Months. And Mellie Midi has been in charge of the lesson and then at the same institution for six months as a graduate student.

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Because photographic photography is one of the sections of the journalism, he became interested in photography at the same time, and in the same year started taking professional photography in his city with a five-megapixel Digital Camera. And in 2015 (2015), a photographic workshop Soho (Institute for Advisory Studies and Peace in Afghanistan). Ten (10) days have been taught in elemental form. And he was invited to Kabul by the Master of Workshop to do good work in photography.

In 2015, Milad decided that journalism should be fundamentally initiated for the same reason, starting at one of the state-run universities in Jalalabad, and is currently being taught in the first year of the semester.


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