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Jafar Rahimi

Born (1991) in Afghanistan’s Ghor Province, Jafar is a 2014 graduate of Bamyan University’s Faculty of Social Sciences. It was during his student years as a sociology major that he, being inspired by  working photographers and photo bloggers discovered on the internet, became himself interested in photography as a career. It was through workshops conducted by established photographers Farzana Wahidy, David Bathgate, and Babe Reynol that Jafar learned his craft. Interested in media affairs, he also attended reporting and videography courses at Nai Media Institute (NMI) in Kabul.

From 2013-15 Rhimi worked as a photographer and reporter for local journals in Bamyan and Ghor. Afterwards, he became a photographer for the Afghanistan Development Peace and Research Organization (ADPRO). In 2015, together with colleagues, Jafar founded Jade Abrisham Weekly in Kabul, where he was in charge of photography and reporting.

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Jafar’s works have been published in national and international websites and journals. His photographs have also been displayed in numerous national and international exhibitions.


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