Ishaq Ali Anis

 Ishaq Ali AnisIshaq Ali “Anis” was born in 1993 in Jaghor district of Ghazni province. He completed the school to the eighth grade in his hometown, Jaghori, and after immigrating to Quetta, Pakistan, at the Pamir High School of Teacher Training. Isaac Ali Anis was keen on graphic art and photography. He entered the Faculty of Fine Arts of Kabul University after completing the Kankur exam in 9113.┬áIsaac Ali Anis co-opted for continuing education at Kabul University, short-term training courses in documentary photography, news, advertising and photo readings at the Institute for Afghanistan Studies and Development, Afghan Film, Institute of Technology, Neural Institute and the Contemporary Art Center of Afghanistan. Has spent 1392-1394. Eshagh Ali Anis won the first place by participating in the photo contest of the Norouz Festival, which was held by Afghani. He is currently working as a freelance photographer in Kabul.


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