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Barialai Khoshhal

Barialai Khoshhal was born in 1997 and grew up in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Barialai is a Professional Photographer, where he has devoted 90 percent of his practice in photos taking for the last five years.  He has extensive experience in unusual and innovative photos.

Barialai loved everything about art since he was a child. he

Started Photography when he was in 9th grade of school he loves to do documentaries and Portraits about humans.

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Barialai has worked as a freelance Photographer with national and international agencies such as AP (Associated Press), online published Facebook, and reflected children’s photos.

Recently Barialai works as a freelance Photographer and he lives in Kandahar. He likes to go different places and work more for his field.

About his Relevant Skills:
• Aesthetic sense
• Understanding of conventional and digital photography
• Experience with digital photography and computer-aided photographic software
• Good eye for texture, space, design, and color balance
• Knowledge of still, motion, color, and black and white photography
• Valid driver’s license with excellent driving history
• Work with producers to ensure management of all photography assignments
• Prepare shoot sites as needed for particular projects
• Set up equipment and tools as needed for projects
Training & Internship.
• Intermediate photography by ADPRO 5-18 November 2014
• Took Journalism (Essential Journalism, Radio Journalism, Video Journalism, Investigative Journalism, etc…) Workshops in NAI since 2013.
• Professional Photography in US Embassy in Kabul on 2016 December.


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