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Aref Karimi

Aref Karimi was born in Herat, Afghanistan, in 1986

, in 1992 when Mojahidin toke over the power of Kabul he started going to schools and in 2004 three years after Taliban’s Regime collapsed and the new government back by US established in Afghanistan Mr. Karimi educated from 12 class of High school and after the final examination he joined to journalism department of Herat literature faculty in Western Region.

In 2007 he graduated from journalism with bachelor degree with lot of practical works that had done in the field of journalism and photography.

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With the experience of working as editor of an FM radio in Herat and also journalistic background her joined to Agance France Presse (AFP) as a photographer in the West of Afghanistan in January 2010.

During the period of his work as a photographer with AFP he had done lots of breaking news stories to this news agency.  Aref’s works have been published from range of important media and websites around the word including NYtimes, Times and other media publications.

According to other photographers he Mr. Karimi has his special eyes in photography and this makes him special, lots of his works have also been as picture of the day, the week and the year by AFP and other media client

As of the time of writing, Karimi continues to work as a photojournalist. He is based in Herat west of Afghanistan, but his work carries him around the country.


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